Throcult - _Soldiers of a Blackened War_
(Crash Music, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
Upon listening to Throcult's latest, heavily Naglfar-inspired effort, I learn that this band has in days gone by opened for such prestigious and high-profile acts as Type O Negative and Anthrax. At least that's what their bio says, and if it's true (and I'm sure it is), then one should tip one's hat to them for not letting a taste of the big league motivate them to head for more socially acceptable musical pastures. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any of the seven tracks on offer here serve as a lead-in to something on Type O's latest. The only problem is that for every moment of sheer, exhilarating viciousness and enjoyment you'll get from this record, you'll be playing "where have I heard that riff before". "The Uprising", for instance, is equal parts excellence and recycled Dissection, while "Eclipse of the Blood Moon" borrows shamelessly from just about every semi-decent melodic Swedish black metal band you care to mention. That said, Throcult are certainly a very tight and proficient unit, with drummer Jeremy Portz doing an especially commendable job. And for all their references to other bands, Throcult do show some very promising potential, particularly during the grim bombardment of "Hunted". While _Soldiers of a Blackened War_ is far from being a spectacular album, at the very least it leaves us with the promise that the future may well herald some impressive work from this Stateside sextet.

(article published 9/7/2003)

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