Crematorium - _For All Our Sins_
(Prosthetic Records, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (6.5 out of 10)
Some moderately interesting style mixtures poke at your attention span like an annoying sixth-grader on Ritalin with this offering from Los Angeles' Crematorium. A pretty well kept secret, this five-piece is hard-hitting to be certain, but in this largely metal climate today, this outfit even finds a way to hold their own. Pound for pound, Crematorium strikes out on their own with the hardcore / punk / metal fusion found throughout _For All Our Sins_. A few samples supplement the offering only enough to pique interest, while the thirteen tracks wear down your perception thin like a prostitute's mattress. Minor Threat fans will appreciate Crematorium's efforts in the field of well-crafted tough-guy music. Daniel's vocals are damn fine in their ability to command instantaneous respect -- true underground through and through. While occasionally these guys seem like professional race car drivers -- squealing their wheels and going in vicious circles while expending a tremendous amount of wasted energy -- songs like the fanatical "Life:Sick" offset most of the other less-than-impressive instances sometimes found on _For All Our Sins_. "A Disconsolate Winter Landscape" provides a Morbid Angel, "Desolate Ways"-type feel to the general atmosphere of _FAOS_, but "Carved From Deceit" has to be the pentacle of Crematorium's vision: it thrashes strong while staying fiercely true to their underground sound. There's a lot to be learned from Crematorium's extreme L.A. homegrown raw delivery, but lacking a certain individuality profoundly inhibits this band's upward climb out of obscurity. Catch a line and cop a hook, Crematorium is a small fish in a big pond right now. Who wants sushi?


(article published 24/7/2003)

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