Pathos - _Perdition Splits the Skies_
(Intolerant Messiah, 2003)
by: Adrian Magers (6 out of 10)
_Perdition Splits the Sky_ opens in a most promising way with "Toward the Precipice", an enchanting violin part woven into a clean guitar and double bass drum filled instrumental. For the next thirty-some minutes Pathos alternates between some very choice riffage and a bit of material that seems to fall flat on its face. Fortunately for the listener, the former occurs much more often than the latter. The band tends to indulge in a most technical form of brutal death, citing Cryptopsy as a major influence. However, since Pathos seem to try to avoid overdoing strange timings and playing, and strike a balance between raw musicianship and songwriting talent, there's a good chance they could appeal to death heads of all kinds. The CD is definitely not without its flaws though. The vocals are quite disappointing, sounding rather awkward and monotonous for the most part, and occasionally some of the songs seem to go nowhere. Basically something worth an occasional listen for the average person into extreme music, and good investment for those into technical death metal.


(article published 4/7/2003)

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