Blessed - _Last Breath Before the Flesh_
(Independent, 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Blessed might be an acceptable name for a Christian-orientated act, but for a metal band -– whose listenership is largely either indifferent or openly hostile towards Christianity -– this must surely be one of the most efficient ways of killing a burgeoning musical career! The three songs on this MCD fall squarely into the brutal death metal genre -- a musical style seemingly at odds with their chosen moniker. All three songs are suitably aggressive, well written and performed well enough, with several memorable hooks. This is a pleasant enough (relatively speaking!) listen, but this musical style has been done numerous times before and while the undemanding death metal freak will be more than satisfied, the more casual listener may want something more. However, since these are songs composed by an emerging band with only one previous MCD to their name, the coming years may very well see Blessed transforming into a death metal band to be reckoned with.


(article published 4/7/2003)

1/14/2002 P Azevedo 3 Blessed - Consume 3000
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