From Beyond - _Thrashin' Machine_
(Painkiller, 2003)
by: Alvin Wee (6 out of 10)
No prizes for guessing where this Belgian duo draw their influences: this mini-album continues the German mid-'80s legacy with twenty minutes of non-stop Kreator worship by ex-members of "cult Black Metal act" Moribund (according to the press-sheet). Impressively tight, the band rips through four energetic and well-structured thrashers replete with melodic solos and neck-breaking riffs, albeit without breaking any new ground or sounding particularly exciting. This is one of those albums you can't really fault for being poor in any department, but somehow lacks the requisite punch of great retro albums like Swordmaster's _Deathraider_ or Nifelheim's early work on most tracks. Which is a sad thing, as these headbangers sometimes manage to get the '80s feeling down pat, especially on the wild thrasher "Nightmare" where Slayer-esque leads duel with pounding riffs and maniacal drumming to create a masterpiece worthy of any Destruction or Sodom record. I'd recommend waiting for a full-length to see these maniacs' true power, but then again '80s fanatics might already be drooling at this. [Note: Last I heard, Painkiller was not responding to e-mails. Try their snail-mail address on the website.]


(article published 27/6/2003)

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