Iron Justice - _Post_
(L.S.D.O., 2002)
by: Alvin Wee (9 out of 10)
This long-delayed material was once thought lost forever when Jonathan Kan of L.S.D.O. apparently went MIA in 2001; the double 7" set now rightfully sees the light of day with the label's revival this year. And what a reappearance: _Post_ showcases Iron Justice at their vitriolic best, finally delivering the high standards I've always felt this duo were capable of. Spewing deliciously venomous vocals and harsh industrial percussion, opener "Defeated" hammers home the project's new-found rhythmic side, showing a distinct sense of structure and focus as the track shifts and pans into varied levels of metallic harshness. The three remaining tracks continue in a vicious, rhythmic vein, a tad surprising to those expecting the classic Whitehouse / G.O. power electronics drift on their previous Cold Meat offerings. A fair bit of analogue synth abuse (put to good use on the delicious Haus Arafna-esque final track) coupled with tons of cleaner high-end noise, and no lack of machine-gun metallic bangings, whipping up an overwhelming cacophony when coupled with the insane hate-filled rantings. Reminiscent of the old industrial masters in terms of structure, but injecting a modern sense of aggression and dynamism to the old-school aesthetic which few pure power electronics acts seem capable of (aside from Tarmvred and the like). Packaging is taken down more than a notch from the elaborate box-set promised long ago, but still in slick L.S.D.O. fashion with a black and a white disc and the obligatory postcards. Another feather in this excellent label's cap, and surely one of the highlights in recent times.


(article published 27/6/2003)

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