Destinity - _Under the Smell of Chaos_
(Adipocere Records, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 10)
From the onset this disc invites reviewers to sharpen their critical teeth on it: amateurish front cover, terribly cliché band photos, a dubious band name, and (last but not least) the kind of album title that is likely to have you shaking your head in disbelief. Get past all that though, and what you have is essentially a Cradle of Filth derivative. Many moons ago, back in 1996, a band called Hecate Enthroned was heavily criticized for sounding too much like CoF; yet anno 2003, what Destinity have come up with is just another second rate imitation of Cradle of Filth, in this case with some touches of Limbonic Art in the keyboard department. Much like another band I recently reviewed, Illnath, Destinity seem to have made no effort whatsoever to avoid such an obvious trap on this, their -third- disc. I can excuse a debuting band to some extent for trying to emulate their idols a bit too much, but when you've been around for a few albums this lack of originality is bound to seriously weigh you down. The album is competently carried out for the most part and even features some good passages, as Destinity seem to have improved somewhat since their last offering (at least judging by the rating it was awarded). Nevertheless, this band still has a long way to go both in terms of musical relevance and of course originality.


(article published 27/6/2003)

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