Sepsism - _To Prevail in Disgust_
(Displeased, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (5 out of 10)
I usually do my best to try and find positive aspects about albums, but some bands make it very hard for me. Sepsism is such a case; I've tried to listen to _To Prevail in Disgust_ a couple of times now, but the songs are so uninspiring my attention is drawn to basically anything happening around me except the music itself. Through a sloppy and gruff production, we're fed ten songs that have nothing to add to our death metal catalogues. Except for some interesting song structures (like in "Soiled With Corruption" and "Advanced Mental Collapse") the guitar work is standard, drumming is only average and the vocals aren't worth mentioning. And instead of using original movie samples we're treated to the same average sound cuts we can find on any other death/grind album. Instead of _TPiD_ I'd rather recommend you Cannibal Corpse, The Ravenous or Dying Fetus.


(article published 23/6/2003)

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