Gorgoroth - _Twilight of the Idols_
(Nuclear Blast, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
I last encountered Gorgoroth on their crushing 1997 _Destroyer_ effort -- the title track of which I once convinced a radio DJ for an adult-contemporary station to play at 11:00 am. Six years and thirty phoned-in complaints later, it would appear, judging by the sound of opening track "Procreating Satan", that not much has changed at Camp 'Roth, and I'd happily wager that the band's influence on the recent spate of necro black metal has been somewhat overlooked by critics and fans alike. However, it is on the following number, "Proclaiming Mercy" that I'm quite surprised to hear a rather dramatic drop in pace. Perhaps this is the "more mature and refined" approach that their bio alludes to? Either way, they incorporate the more subtle tempo very effectively, and despite the slowdown, the music still bristles with malevolence and anger. Their darker, more haunting side is brought to the fore even more vividly on "Exit Through Carved Stones" and "Teethgrinding" -- without a doubt two of the best black metal songs to grace these ears so far in 2003. Warp nine blasts aren't completely cast aside however, and purists may breathe a sigh of unholy relief when "Of Ice & Movement" launches into its raw, frostbitten dirge. Unfortunately though, this is the last proper track on the album -- a mere 25 minutes into proceedings. Considering that this is supposed to be the full-length follow-up to _Incipit Satan_, I would have expected the band to at least attempt to come up with something a little longer and more substantial than your average MCD. _Twilight of the Idols_ is without a doubt a top notch, if not excellent release, but (and I feel in this case that it's more than reasonable to direct this as a criticism) the experience is over far too soon to truly justify its existence.

(article published 17/6/2003)

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