Misery's Omen - _To Worship Stone Gods_
(Hellflame Productions, 2003)
by: James Montague (9 out of 10)
Here's one for the books -- a killer Australian band that -doesn't- play in the old-school black/thrash or war metal vein. Misery's Omen is an ambitious trio from South Australia that plays black metal with a twist (they call it "Abysmal Dark Progressive Black Metal", and the music lives up to the self-inflicted hype). Sometimes it will rip along mercilessly, with the versatile vocalist screaming, growling and shrieking in falsetto. Other times it will slow down with some psychedelic melodies and excellent clean bass lines that twist and cycle, writhing over one another in a way reminiscent of the finest Greek metal acts like Necromantia, or the Italian gods Mortuary Drape. Another band that comes to mind is Bethlehem, simply because of the reckless, wrist-slashing nightmare that this music conjures up.

_To Worship Stone Gods_ is a 7" EP featuring two 5-6 minute long pieces, "Antarctic Ice Chasms" and "To Worship Stone Gods". The former track is closest to pure black metal with its speed and agression, while the latter is a slower, more brooding epic with haunting bass melodies. Both songs come with the highest recommendations, and although this vinyl release was limited to 500 copies and is now sold out, they also appear on the band's debut CD, just released on Bindrune Recordings (http://crionicmind.org/bindrune/). You should definitely seek out this CD -- it's rare you'll find a new metal band with such a fine combination of instrumental ability, songwriting nous and originality.

Contact: http://www.miserysomen.com

(article published 3/6/2003)

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