Scepter - _Fucking Metal Motherfuckers_
(Merciless Records, 2003)
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 10)
Using "fuck" as nearly every word in an album title doesn't make you any more or less "metal". Furthermore, these three guys seem obsessed with defining that term, too -- what's "metal" and what isn't and "no one is more 'metal' than Scepter", or so the propaganda goes. Overly stripped-down and basic, this band, despite a couple of previous efforts under their leather vests, seems wildly unpolished. In all fairness, that very well may be this outfit's bailiwick -- who knows... Getting into Scepter's shtick a bit deeper (as far as the depth of the puddle will allow), even their lyrics find themselves challenged at a primitive level. Grunting out this and that about statutory rape, abortion, and how "metal" they are (like an arrogant rapper might do -- only Scepter does it with long hair and an ability to play their instruments), this Chicago three-piece breaks no new ground here nor do they begin to challenge the listener in any way on any of the twelve cuts that comprise _Fucking Metal Motherfuckers_. About as involved as a restaurant dinner receipt, the last layer of this band available for examination is their instrumentation. Sounding like Black Sabbath on steroids occasionally (that's obviously a good thing), Scepter is entirely too predictable: guitar riffs fall exactly where you would expect them to and the "boom-boom, beat-bash; boom-boom, beat-bash" of the drums seem to be more to keep time than add anything to the music. Finally, this band has clear and understandable vocals -- another mark in the plus column. However, with the baseless subject matter barfed forth on _FMM_, this is, at best, a mixed bag. I suppose this type of music has its place, but kinda like Pearl Jam -- just not in my collection.


(article published 31/5/2003)

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