Myrkskog - _Superior Massacre_
(Candlelight Records, 2002)
by: Jackie Smit (9 out of 10)
In a move that is becoming seemingly more and more popular among certain black metal bands, _Superior Massacre_ sees Norway's Myrkskog shed a hefty amount of the electronic and blackened elements which comprised a part of their previous _Deathmachine_ offering. While some might view this as a regression of sorts, Myrkskog make their more basic death metal-influenced approach work beautifully in their favour, with the result being a record that sounds akin to a guns-blazing, mid-battle steel battalion. Those looking for diversity and rapid tempo changes should seek elsewhere as Myrkskog unleash blast after relentless blast of spite-filled hatred -- the musical equivalent of Armageddon and, at least in my opinion, a notch above the efforts of the highly acclaimed Anaal Nathrakh. Particularly impressive is Myrkskog's ability to avoid sounding repetitive despite the constant lightning speed rhythm that defines literally every track on this record. "Domain of the Superior", "Indisposable Deaths" and "Bleeding Wrist" are the album's definite standouts, but ultimately there's precious few weak moments to be found on the disc. Clocking in at just over a half hour, _Superior Massacre_ is one of the most beautifully merciless efforts to carpet-bomb my eardrums in quite some time.

(article published 31/5/2003)

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