Deranged - _Plainfield Cemetery_
(Listenable Records, 2002)
by: James Montague (4 out of 10)
This was one of the big disappointments of 2002. Deranged have been on the scene for a decade now and had impressed me with the tracks I'd heard from past efforts like _Rated X_ and _III_. The band has always played in the "gore metal" style, which I generally couldn't care less about, but they had a unique and twisted sound that demanded attention and caused a reasonable amount of mental disturbance. Unfortunately, they must have been too busy reading medical dictionaries and watching snuff films to worry about self-promotion, and hence they spent many good years enduring poor production and distribution.

Well, now they have a top-notch sound and a widely available CD to promote, but the opportunity has been wasted with some decidedly mediocre music. Apparently content to do it neanderthal-style, Deranged has tuned down the guitars and flipped the switch on their drummer's back to "Jackhammer". The vocalist, who sounds uncannily like Cannibal Corpse's George Fischer without the range, and the band, who sound uncannily like Cannibal Corpse, pound montonously through ten indistinguishable tracks and inevitably lose my attention after about five minutes.

I can certainly appreciate what the band is striving to achieve -- to wear down the listener with the relentless pummeling of a serial rapist and murderer. In truth, they do convey aurally the experience of a murder victim. But wouldn't it be more fun to experience aurally the hormonal rush of being the killer himself? Hmm, yeah. At the end of the day though, there's a lot of wasted talent here. On the rare occasion when the drummer finds his personality reserve and the group slows down to take a breath, some interesting riffs are there for the taking. The final minute of "Deathgasm", for example, is a dizzying climax that suits the title of the piece.

Such moments of quality are deeply buried though, beneath a ton of tedium. If you get a rush from hanging out at construction sites, then you may enjoy the mind-numbing thumpfest. Personally though, when in the mood for brutality I'd take the mindfuck of Axis of Advance over the physical drain of _Plainfield Cemetery_ any day.


(article published 29/5/2003)

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