Danzig - _blackacidevil_
(Hollywood Records, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 10)
Has anyone seen Danzig? Anyone? I can't seem to find him on this, his supposed fifth release, _blackacidevil_. I am looking for the stout and short lead singer/crooner who sings about devils, darkness, and has a cute "cuddly-wuddly" wolf tattooed on his arm. Anyone? Hmm... Okay, the joke is getting old now. YES! this is Danzig's latest release, a record chock-full of techno-driven, industrial-edged tunes that'll make ya want to dance more than raise your fist and hail Satan. This record surprised me a lot, but as our beloved copy-editor Alain Gaudrault mentioned to me, it might have been the only option or route for Glenn Danzig to go seeing that his band dissolved, leaving him to fend on his own. I can't think of anything more shocking to happen to an American icon since Pee Wee Herman got caught choking his chicken at a porno theater in Florida. At that point, his whole identity was torn apart and to this day Pee Wee Herman is still the butt of jokes. Danzig may soon see this happen. I'm not sure how REAL die-hard Danzig fans feel about this record on a whole, but from what I've heard from some people, they hate it. Bad career move? Maybe. The band does have some good moments with opener "7th House" and "Hint of Her Blood". I think first single "Sacrifice" is horrible and was a bad choice. Will the real Danzig show up come album #6? Hope so. Wouldn't want him needing to get a part-time job at this point in his career.

(article published 2/1/1997)

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