Biohazard - _Kill or Be Killed_
(SPV, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (5.5 out of 10)
I'll admit that my expectations were perhaps unfairly high after being thoroughly blown away by the 'Hazard on their Eastpak resistance tour last year. Even taking this into account however, I find it hard to ignore the stench of underachievement wafting from their latest effort. The music may be heavier than 2001's _Uncivilization_, but the passion and conviction of _State of the World Address_ is nowhere to be found. Instead Biohazard have concocted a dull, by-the-numbers record that never seems to quite find direction. From the tedious doldrums of "Never Forgive, Never Forget" to the cliched mess that is "Hallowed Ground", _Kill or Be Killed_ is a massive let-down. Indeed were these the days of _Urban Discipline_, I doubt that many of the tracks on offer here would have even made it on to B-sides. Still, in the midst of overwhelming disappointment a few rays of light shine through -- were the rest of the album of the quality showcased by "Open Your Eyes" or "Penalty", that 5.5 you see above this review could easily have been a seven or an eight. When compared to Hatebreed or Snapcase's latest records though, _Kill or Be Killed_ is quite laughable.

(article published 27/5/2003)

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