Show of Exaggeration - _Show of Exaggeration_
(The Rectrix, 2003)
by: Alvin Wee (8.5 out of 10)
One would expect no less than the best in dark electronics from Philipp Münch (of Ars Moriendi, Templegarden's and Synapscape fame), teaming up here with fellow German Bernhard Wöstheinrich of Centrozoon, a name I'm not familiar with. The colossal opener "Death Arch" rumbles and spews volcanic chunks as statically charged hums and crackles signal the passing of a monstrous automaton. Skies clear as deliciously fried electronics mark the transition into "Passing Gods", a similarly ominous soundscape of tattered battle-flags fluttering dismally in a blackened breeze as an alien twanging framed by majestic drones dissolves pathetically into insectile clicking and a supersonic whine. The following tracks showcase the project's more rhythmic side, with futuristic phaser-shots and robotic screeches juxtaposed delectably beside crisp analog-sounding crackling. The title track(s) form an impressive closing trilogy, with "The Master" recalling the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi aspect of the previous two tracks with high-pitched hums and feedback enveloped by sweeping waves of static and distorted lo-fi electronics. "Subjects With Cameras" ups the ante with ear-piercing whines doing battle with a rising tide of textured, tonal static. A bass-heavy, muted Merzbow-esque fluttering takes over towards the end of the track, de-fusing the tension for the uneasily psychedelic textures of the finale to develop. Great stuff, and hopefully not the last we'll be seeing from this incredible duo.


(article published 27/5/2003)

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