Genocide Superstars - _III_
(Relapse Records, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (7.5 out of 10)
Regardless of anyone's opinion on the matter, it is seriously doubtful that when Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag recorded the tunes that would form and reinforce the foundations of punk, they ever thought that popular opinion and the mainstream media would affiliate tepid, manufactured bile like Good Charlotte and Sum 41 with the genre they pioneered. Sadly the year 2003 sees this as being very much the case, and while it is probably somewhat foolish to expect this sorry state of affairs to change in the foreseeable future, it is good to know that in some quarters the mohawk-sporting, spit-drenched monster that is true punk is alive and well. This of course brings me to Genocide Superstars, whose latest opus comes as somewhat of a surprise particularly as Relapse Records are not especially well-known for releasing material of such a comparatively subdued nature. Which is not to say that the Superstars are by any means "soft". Indeed, _III_ is one of the nastiest, most relentless and pissed off punk records to hit the shelves in some time. With a sound smacking of Exploited, Rancid and Discharge, Genocide Superstars plough through the fourteen tracks on their third effort with remarkable prowess and confidence. Perhaps at their most effective when they hit the accelerator pedal, "The Hateball Is Rolling", "Moron" and the Nasum-esque "Danger Danger" are the highlights of the album. Unfortunately though, Genocide Superstars do at times wear their influences on their sleeves somewhat too noticeably, but this is a minor flaw and soon made up for by the band's willingness to experiment and add variety on songs like "War Child". _III_ certainly doesn't add anything new to the punk genre, but then again how many recent releases have? The bottom line is that it's a commendable effort and one which ought to appeal to fans of anything from Rancid to Nasum to The Hellacopters.

(article published 18/5/2003)

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