Tenhi - _Vare_
(Prophecy Productions, 2002)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Tenhi's debut full-length _Kauan_, _Vare_'s predecessor, is filled with truly exquisite dark beauty and melancholy; an album with introspective, atmospheric qualities that I have found difficult to match, and one I would award a 9 out of 10. Though mostly based on dark folk, these Finns crafted a sound all their own on _Kauan_, with acoustics and sombre vocals as well as sullen piano passages. This new album, _Vare_, therefore comes in the wake of the extremely high expectations created by their masterful debut (with the _Airut:Ciwi_ EP having served as an appropriate interlude). Even though the music on _Vare_ can still be generally referred to as dark folk, it is more folk and less dark than _Kauan_. More specifically, there are three tracks on the album that I find very annoying with their upbeat folk style: "Jaljen", "Kevain" and "Katve". Fortunately the album is lengthy enough for the absence of these tracks to go nearly unnoticed, otherwise they could seriously disrupt the atmosphere created by the other songs. _Vare_ is full of rich yet often subtle arrangements -- even moreso than its predecessor -- and apart from the aforementioned trio, the songs flow very nicely. The album reaches its peak midway through with the heartbreaking "Suortuva", a remarkable track that is almost worth the money on its own. Overall, much as it is very pleasant, soothing and atmospheric, _Vare_ is not quite as remarkably inspired as its predecessor. If you already have _Kauan_, then _Vare_ should also prove a worthy addition to your collection; otherwise, I would recommend seeking _Kauan_ first.

Contact: http://www.tenhi.com

(article published 13/5/2003)

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