Aurora - _Dead Electric Nightmares_
(Intromental, 2002)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
Ever since this Danish band came from nowhere to blow me away with their superb _Devotion_, I've been eagerly awaiting a follow-up album. Unfortunately, Aurora had to face a series of problems with their label, and only managed to resurface in late 2002. To make things worse, it wasn't until recently that I finally got _Dead Electric Nightmares_, but at least their 2001 promo CD helped bridge that gap. So much so, in fact, that this new full-length includes all four songs demoed on that promo CD -- and what's more, they remain my favourite tracks on the album ("Metaphysical Electric", "Martyr of Life", "Two Dice and a Silent Disguise" and "Chains of God"), along with "New God Rising" and the doomy "Watching, Falling, Breathing". That really is the one thing that left me slightly concerned on _Dead Electric Nightmares_: the new songs, albeit very good, generally failed to top the older material on the album. In spite of this, I have no reason to doubt Aurora's future work will be at least as brilliant as their past achievements, which is saying a lot. Virtually every song (with the possible exception of "Jack") deserves its place in _DEN_, and the album remains a consistent affair throughout.

Having said all this, I still haven't even started to describe what Aurora sound like; and truth be told, they are a difficult band to pigeonhole. Their eclectic style is mainly composed of Swedish melodic death metal with a powerful, modern, discretely technical sound. This is made all the more unique by the varying moods they employ (all the way between aggressive and introspective) and vocals that can range from sung to growled to shrieking. Without necessarily sounding weird or trying to come across as avant-garde, Aurora have a very refreshing and to some degree even unique style. Their riffs, melodies and drum patterns are indeed their own, rather than a more or less conscious rehash of someone else's -- which is an easy trap to fall into when you adhere very strictly to a given genre. Opeth, and Dark Tranquillity's _The Gallery_ are still the closest references I can come up with, but they're nonetheless rather distant ones most of the time. Not many people seem to know about Aurora, and these guys deserve exactly the opposite given their compositional and technical talent; so do yourself a favour and make sure you look into this band.


(article published 13/5/2003)

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