Cult of Daath - _The Grand Torturers of Hell_
(War Hammer Records, 2002)
by: Matthias Noll (7 out of 10)
Hell yeah! Some of the most impressive pseudonyms and job titles of recent months. The leather-mask wearing Wargoat Obscurum multi-tasking between "Battering Rams, Black Winter Orator and Bestial Throat" and the equally busy Nocturno Culto look-alike Culg-gath Immortum delivering "Apocalyptic Hellsaw, Bass Holocaust and Diabolical Chants"! They proclaim to play "Cruel Barbaric Black Metal" and yes, I have to agree, worse descriptions have been made. Stylistically and sound-wise (generally raw 4-track demo quality) this whole EP is a bit inconsistent, because the seven songs come from two separate sessions or demos put onto one CD. The more recent recordings, tracks one to five (including a Beherit cover), sound like a cross between Destroyer 666 and Clandestine Blaze to my ears. Cult of Daath are unable to come close to the quality of either band, but the more I listen to _TGToH_ the more this description makes sense -- subjective as it may be. The last two songs sound less black and more in the war metal vein of acts like Blasphemy. Although _TGToH_ is nowhere near sensational, and my name-dropping only had the purpose of describing the general stylistic leanings of this US two-piece rather than say they are as good as the bands I've compared them to, this is still a very enjoyable EP.


(article published 13/5/2003)

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