Tuska / Incriminated - _Ten Hail Marys_
(Bestial Burst, 2003)
by: Matthias Noll (1 out of 10)
This split CD is another crap release I've spent 11 Euro on during my latest shopping frenzy. "Necro black core vs. old skool death doom" and comparisons made somewhere on the web between Beherit and Tuska were all I needed to place an order. Tuska is neither necro, black, nor core. It's utterly shitty garage-grind/hardcore which someone is being clever enough to sell via a completely made-up connection to black metal. On to Incriminated. I considered them to be one of the better Hellhammer / Celtic Frost worshippers around, and I found the split CD with Bloodhammer on Northern Heritage to be truly enjoyable. What goes on here is puzzling, to say the least. It appears to me as if they have a new singer who's ruining most songs with the use of a totally ridiculous and irritating clean wail that is probably meant to sound psychotic and insane. He manages to come across a bit like Tom Warrior on some better left forgotten passages from _Into the Pandemonium_, but so much worse and annoying it's unbearable. Musically the five Incriminated tracks are also forgettable, third rate doom/death with a strong Celtic Frost vibe and a garage production. Limited to 666 copies. Part-time alchemists take note: this is how you turn shit into money. Having listened to this debacle one more time, I even had to generously give The True Frost three instead of two points.

(article published 13/5/2003)

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