16 Piece Bucket - _Born to Be..._
(Devil Saint Productions , 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
A fusion of heavy metal and old school punk reputedly forms the basis of 16 Piece Bucket's sound. (When I say "punk" I mean punk's second wave in the early eighties and certainly not contemporary punk, which is little more then inoffensive, watered down power pop for 15 year old wannabe rebels.) This is a somewhat optimistic view, as they tend very heavily towards the punk component of the equation, sounding little more than a slightly heavier and more aggressive version of Minor Threat or Black Flag. There are a few nods towards their metal heritage -– most notably through the inclusion of several guitar leads -- which are as popular in punk as in black metal. The production is acceptable though the drums do tend to sound hollow on occasion and the innate simplicity of punk does occasionally grate. But their songs do possess an inimitable energy and catchiness that mitigates their dubious metal heritage -- but are still likely to be of only limited interest to CoC readers. For those who enjoyed DRI’s seminal debut, this may be of some interest, and if you have to buy a punk orientated CD, buy this one which at least has some attitude, unlike the watered down punk beloved by the prepubescent skateboarding vermin.

Contact: strgworld@aol.com

(article published 11/5/2003)

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