Neurosis (Col) - _Verdun 1916_
(Talisman Music, 1995)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
Almost eight years in creating and molding the perfect beast, Bogota, Colombia's Neurosis have finally, after years of persistence, released their debut album, _Verdun 1916_, on the small but persevering independent label, Talisman Music. The world that they are subject to in South America explains why violence, crime, and unlawfulness make up a vast majority of the song topics. Neurosis is very much a band that isn't afraid to hide their feelings with their music and lyrics (similiar to the input in any Sepultura song), and when molded with their music, it is quite lethal. With music much to the genre of Obituary and Death, mixed with a harder based thrash guitar sound, this Colombian quartet hit high and low with the 12 tracks that just rip and roar off the CD. Tracks like "Politicians", the heavy "Military Sacrifice", "Marea Negra", and the title track stand out but do not shine above all the rest because the remaining tracks rule too. This is a classic case of a band deprived for so many years of being able to make music, and when the time comes around to make music, the edge and direction is stellar. This album shreds big time - check it out!

Contact: NEUROSIS, A.A. 26974, Santafe De Bogota, D.C.,

(article published 1/10/1995)

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