Sargatanas Reign - _Euthanasia... Last Resort_
(I Hate Records, 2002)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
In spite of the Darkthrone-y band logo and some lyrics having been written by Marduk's Morgan Hakansson, Sargatanas Reign are actually a death metal band with quite a bit of Morbid Angel and Death in their sound. Mixing old-school and a more technical approach, the band reaches some rather good moments, such as the first half of instrumental "Last Resort" and the fast bits on "Hate" and "Evangelical Clitorial". But while this album is not without its highlights, most of the time all the listener gets is rather generic riffs and solos. Apparently the record was self-produced, and the sound quality is nothing to brag about: though the bass is clearly audible, the overall result seriously lacks crunch and that complicates things a bit further. The good bits do show promise, and had there been more of them on the album and a better sound to deliver them, then this could have been a rather enjoyable disc -- I wouldn't be too surprised if that's the case next time around.


(article published 28/4/2003)

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