The Prophecy - _Ashes_
(Independent, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
Having found The Prophecy's _To End All Hope_ demo rather interesting, I was pleased to receive this independently released full-length from the band. Expecting more early-'90s British doom revival as the first track kicked in, I was taken aback by how much the band's sound seemed to have changed compared to what I remembered of their demo. The first track on _Ashes_ is more laid-back and atmospheric metal-tinged, as the band seemed to have mellowed a bit instrumentally, opting for a more straightforward metal approach in place of doom dirges. Later in the album stronger doom influences surface, as indicated by the superbly melancholic ending of the opening track, and overall the music is still very much doom-oriented. The best sequence in the album comes near the end of the second track, a re-recording of "The Killing Fields" from their demo: an acoustic guitar interlude leads into "The Prophecy", a more melancholic, My Dying Bride-ish track. The band then goes into thrashy mode later in the album, before closing on a doomier note again with the re-recording of "Till Light Enshrouds". I would have preferred more of the dreary material such as "The Prophecy" and "Till Light Enshrouds" and less of the atmospheric metal and faster stuff, but things are kept pleasant throughout. The Prophecy continue to show promise as they reach several excellent moments on _Ashes_, and the experience they must have gathered participating in the recent Doomination of Europe tour (with Morgion and Mourning Beloveth) will surely be useful in the future. Considering this is only their first album, The Prophecy are likely to further consolidate their style and come back with a superior release next time around.


(article published 30/4/2003)

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