My Shameful - _Of All the Wrong Things_
(Firebox Records, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
More unhappy Finns from Firebox Records in the shape of My Shameful, and a mixture of Unholy and Dolorian comes to my mind during _Of All the Wrong Things_ -- if you can imagine the combination of two such different forms of Finnish doom. There's a lot more to My Shameful than that, however: a lot of individuality, without which this would lose much of its appeal. _Of All the Wrong Things_ is grim, desolate, distorted, slow yet sufficiently varied in pace and arrangements; and most definitely miserably unhappy. The guitar sound, while heavy, relies more on harshness than sonic depth; various kinds of arrangements are then laid on top of this backbone, which is driven by the pronounced percussion and the often nearly abstract growls and spoken parts. Extremely and unrelentingly sombre and depressive, _Of All the Wrong Things_ is an extreme work in doom metal; yet it remains sufficiently dynamic (if one can use such a word even in a very relative sense here) to avoid falling into the more ambient side of things and lose the listener's attention. It's a fine line to tread if you're not overtly ambient funeral doom like Firebox's other recent release by Until Death Overtakes Me, and My Shameful tread it well -- much like Dolorian recently did with their excellent self-titled effort. This is a lot heavier sound-wise than Dolorian, but shares the same oppressive, disillusioned abandonment. Anyone into serious doom metal is well advised to give this band a chance, as this is an excellent release that ranks high among the best doom albums of recent years and should not fail to please fans of the genre.


(article published 30/4/2003)

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