Dissimulation - _Maras_
(Ledo Takas Records, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6.5 out of 10)
This Lithuanian band managed to capture my attention even before I spun the disc: the artwork seemed quite good, so I looked inside the booklet. What it contains is a lesson for many a band; a lesson in how subtlety can increase brutality. Simply put, the lyrics are arranged around a tasteful layout that includes several ancient-looking pictures of funerals and corpses carefully made up before burial. It is subtle enough that one doesn't immediately realize what it is; and even though there is no gore or visual violence going on, it is a bit disturbing once it hits you. One other thing that virtually every review of this album is likely to mention (I wonder if the band betted amongst themselves about this) is the inclusion of a brief speech sample by Adolf Hitler -- the band biography states that they have no connection with the Nazi movement, however. The band has been around for a long while now (nearly ten years), yet this is only their first full-length; considering such a long time in the making, _Maras_ is good but not great. Old school blackened thrash is what Dissimulation have to offer, with the focus often shifting from black to thrash and vice versa throughout the disc. _Maras_ is very riffy, in the sense that Dissimulation do not go around crafting melodies or throwing in keyboards -- it's all about good riffs, but while Dissimulation do get a good vibe going and throw a lot of energy and commitment into their music, most of the riffs and song structures aren't terribly memorable or remarkable (let alone innovative). Still, _Maras_ is a decent album, and it is likely to do a fair job of quenching your thirst for old-school black/thrash.

Contact: http://www.ledotakas.net

(article published 28/4/2003)

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