Bloodbath - _Resurrection Through Carnage_
(Century Media, 2002)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
Every once in a while, an all-star project is born in the metal world that seems destined to harvest critical accolades and delight fans alike. Bloodbath are doing just that with their old-school Swedish death metal. The _Breeding Death_ EP served as a successful introduction to the band, but clearly that initial release was but a prelude of what was to come. _Resurrection Through Carnage_ is an album that cynics may think would have earned plaudits regardless of its quality, just for the sheer weight of the names on its line-up: Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth, vocals), Anders Nystrom (Katatonia, guitar), Jonas Renkse (Katatonia, bass) and Dan Swano (most notably ex-Edge of Sanity, drums). Fortunately, however, this album is just so damn enjoyable that I doubt it would get any less honours had it been released by a bunch of unknowns -- it might get less attention, but it's hard to deny its honest, straightforward appeal. Ironically, for all the big names in Bloodbath, the only influences one can notice from their respective bands of origin relate to Swano's early Edge of Sanity. Couple that with proudly worn influences such as old Entombed and Dismember, and you get Bloodbath: a modern look at old-school Swedish death metal. Nystrom seems to be a bit of an Entombed and Dismember freak, as his guitar work on this album demonstrates, while Swano contributes more than a handful of ideas, riffs and melodies that bring back pleasant memories of Edge of Sanity (which he apparently intends to reform with a view to creating something like _Crimson_ part two, according to reports). Akerfeldt's vocals are of a relatively deep, gravelly variety; a bit different from their Opeth demon vox, but with plenty of smart inflexions and hooks to make sure they connect well with the riffs and melodies. _Resurrection Through Carnage_ is guaranteed to get virtually anyone who is into extreme metal tapping and humming along to the dirty yet powerful guitar tunes and vocal lines, the more percussive riffs, and Swano's simple but effective drumming. This is pure, unpretentious metallic enjoyment from beginning to end.

[Aaron McKay: "You know when you've met your match. No matter how many times I go through this CD, I come back to the same thing -- this is as good as it gets. I tried -- believe me, I tried -- to find some blemish or imperfection that I could cite against Bloodbath. There were none to be found. Songs all throughout _Resurrection Through Carnage_ have hauntingly innovative guitar parts courtesy of Katatonia's Anders Nystrom sometimes laid over the brutish and raspy growls of Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt. Listen after listen, start to finish, I am nonetheless amazed by the power of this album! It has my highest endorsement."]

[Gino Filicetti: "I must say, it has been a LONG time since almost EVERY track on a new album has moved me as much as the sheer masterpiece that is _Resurrection Through Carnage_. My first taste of this album came when I heard the second track, "So You Die". To my great delight, the rest of the album held its own -- and then some -- against this benchmark. Perfection has definitely reared its seldomly seen head, just try and prove me wrong."]


(article published 30/4/2003)

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3/3/2005 T DePalma Morbid Angel Dread Resolve
2/28/2005 J Smit The Haunted / Martyr AD / Dead to Fall (So Very) Dead on Arrival
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12/31/2004 J Smit Deicide / Arkhon Infaustus / Ted Maul Glen - You Are Forgiven
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8/6/2004 A Lineker Download Festival 2004 One of Our Drummers Is Missing...
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6/23/2004 J Smit Anthrax / Hatebreed Four Times Still Not Enough
5/7/2004 J Smit Cannibal Corpse / Kataklysm / Gorerotted All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
4/29/2004 P Schwarz Kaleb / Dionysus / The Fall of Boss Koala Midlands Metal, Marsupial Madness and Scotland's Sign for the Norse Hordes to Ride!
4/28/2004 C Flaaten Inferno Festival 2004 Fiery Easter Festivities
4/19/2004 J Smit Morbid Angel / Akercocke A Ghouls Night Out
3/23/2004 J Smit Decapitated / Rotting Christ / Thus Defiled / Anata Death Comes Ripping
2/16/2004 A Lineker Arch Enemy / Akercocke Sad Eyes Question Future.
1/25/2004 J Smit Hate Eternal / Dying Fetus / Deeds of Flesh / Prejudice Why, Mr Sound Engineer, Why?
12/26/2003 J Smit Paradise Lost / Deathstars And Out Came the Goths
12/26/2003 J Smit Deicide / Destruction / Nile / Akercocke / Dew-Scented / Graveworm / Misery Index Redemption at the Palace
10/20/2003 J Smit Entombed / Nine / Disfear / Cerberus Night of the Angry Swedes
10/20/2003 J Smit Dimmu Borgir / Hypocrisy / Norther One Step Closer to Armageddon
10/13/2003 A McKay Hatebreed / Madball / Hate Eternal / Terror / Cephalic Carnage Hemp Heaven? No, It's Iowa!
10/13/2003 P Schwarz Arch Enemy / Nevermore I'm Dreaming of a Neon Black Earth...
9/21/2003 P Schwarz /
M Noll
Wacken Open Air 2003 Vader Slays as Slayer Fades
8/31/2003 A McKay Dying Fetus / Skinless / Divine Empire / Misery Index / Stavross A Mini Milwaukee
8/10/2003 A McKay Milwaukee MetalFest XVII Coffee, Canadians and Common Ground
7/22/2003 J Smit Sepultura / Stamping Ground / Atreyu Coming Back Alive and Kicking
7/20/2003 J Smit Slayer / Lamb of God Raining Classics on a Lacerated London
7/20/2003 J Smit Six Feet Under / Obscenity Unleashing True Carnage
7/18/2003 J Smit Anthrax / Kill 2 This They Came For Us All
7/13/2003 J Smit Mastodon / Labrat Marching on to Greatness
6/12/2003 J Smit Zyklon / Myrkskog / Reign of Erebus / Void The World Ov Worms Descends on London
6/8/2003 A Lineker The Haunted / Stampin' Ground / December Marco Aro Dances for the Cat People
5/21/2003 J Smit Immolation / Malevolent Creation / Aborted / Noctiferia A Kingdom United
5/21/2003 J Montague Immolation / Malevolent Creation / Aborted / Noctiferia Goth Club Destroyed by Death Metal Gods
5/18/2003 J Smit Cradle of Filth / Akercocke Damnation and a Monday Night
5/5/2003 J Montague Ancient Rites / Thyrfing / Blood Red Throne / Skyfire Generation Armageddon Tour
4/30/2003 C Flaaten Inferno Festival 2003 Infernal Gathering
4/21/2003 A Magers Shadows Fall / Shai Hulud / Unearth / Cephalic Carnage Shadows Fall Over Columbus, Ohio
3/21/2003 P Azevedo Opeth / Madder Mortem / Kormoss Morningrise in the Deadlands
3/16/2003 A Lineker Arch Enemy / Corporation 187 / Without Face King Tut's Burning Angel Hut
7/3/2002 P Azevedo My Dying Bride / Mysterium Catharsis in Doom
7/3/2002 C Flaaten Inferno Festival 2002 Good, Evil Weekend
7/3/2002 P Schwarz Immortal / Hypocrisy Northern Darkness Descends
7/3/2002 P Azevedo Immortal / Hypocrisy / Holocausto Canibal The Night After the Night Before
4/12/2002 A McKay Slayer / Hatebreed / Diecast Aggroculture
1/14/2002 D Rocher Tristania / Rotting Christ / Vintersorg / Madder Mortem A Night to Remember, a Bill to Forget
1/14/2002 A Wasylyk Nitemare / Razor / Reckon With One Cutting Through the Shit
1/14/2002 A Wasylyk Enslaved / Electric Wizard / Macabre / Horde of Worms Murder! Death! Toke!
1/14/2002 P Azevedo Anathema Their Special Friend Pinky
10/19/2001 M Noll Wacken Open Air 2001 I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Evening
10/19/2001 A McKay Milwaukee MetalFest XV No Rest For the Weary
8/12/2001 P Azevedo Katatonia / Akercocke / Gandalf Brave Redrum Night
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Tool / Cortizone Mechanics of Deceit
8/12/2001 C Flaaten Dimmu Borgir / Destruction / Susperia Puritanical Destructive Predominance
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Wacken Open Air 2001 Wery Wicious Wacken Wiolence
5/13/2001 D Rocher Nile / The Haunted / Carnal Forge / The Forsaken At the Haunted Gates of Vengeance
5/13/2001 M Noll Marduk / Mortician / Vader / God Dethroned / Amon Amarth / Mystic Circle / Sinister / ...And Oceans / Bal Sagoth Baptized by Fire and Beer
5/13/2001 B Meloon Metal Meltdown III Coc Marches on the Metal Meltdown
5/13/2001 M Noll Dimmu Borgir / In Flames / Nevermore Crimes in the Mourning Palace
5/13/2001 C Flaaten Inferno Festival 2001 Infernal Festivities
5/13/2001 A Wasylyk New England Hardcore and Metal Festival Massachusetts + Metal = Wicked Brutal Pissa
5/13/2001 C Flaaten Mayhem / Carpathian Forest / Minas Tirith Norwegian Oldies and Norwegian Oldschool
5/13/2001 A Cantwell Dying Fetus / Gorguts / Skinless / The Berserker Too Fast For Love
3/13/2001 C Flaaten The Gathering / Pale Forest Sirens Singing Soothing Songs
3/13/2001 P Schwarz Nile / Sleath / Regorge / Co-Exist The Delta of Death Descends
3/13/2001 V Anderson My Dying Bride / Katatonia / Soundisciples / Beyond Dawn / Thine The Snow in Their Hearts
1/10/2001 D Rocher Morbid Angel / Enslaved / The Crown / Dying Fetus / Behemoth / Hypnos Belated Tales of the Unexpected
1/10/2001 A Wasylyk Cryptopsy / Solus / Rotting / Horde of Worms Canadian Carnage
1/10/2001 A Wasylyk Dark Funeral / Blood of Christ / Endless Satanic Swedes and Chugging Canadians
11/20/2000 P Schwarz Mayhem / Aeternus / Red Harvest Declaring War on the Underground
11/20/2000 A Wasylyk Macabre / Anonymus / Bunchoffuckinggoofs / Blood of Christ Halloween Havoc
11/20/2000 P Azevedo Mayhem / Anathema / Hatesphere / Bronco Busters Judgement Night
8/12/2000 M Noll Iron Maiden / Spiritual Beggars Air Guitar Raid on Zurich
8/12/2000 A Wasylyk Milwaukee MetalFest XIV Another Pilgrimage to the Metal Midwest
8/12/2000 A McKay Milwaukee MetalFest XIV Crusade to the Carnage Capital
8/12/2000 A McKay Danzig / Six Feet Under / Disturbed Devil's Plaything
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Vader / Vital Remains / Fleshcrawl / Rebaelliun Invadering From Across the Seas
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Suicidal Tendencies Pledge Your Allegiance
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Dismember / Akercocke / Infestation / Regorge Scotland Skinned Alive
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Iron Maiden / Slayer / Entombed The Maiden Voyage to a Brave New World
8/12/2000 D Rocher Iron Maiden / Slayer / The Almighty The New Millennium Maiden Slayers
8/12/2000 M Noll Deicide / Immortal / Cannibal Corpse / Marduk / Vader / Dark Funeral / Hate Eternal / Vomitory There's No Mercy in Satan's Oven
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Crowbar / Eyehategod / Soilent Green God Hating Human Beatings
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Rollins Band His Number Is One
3/5/2000 M Noll Morbid Angel / Gorgoroth / God Dethroned / Amon Amarth / Krisiun / Occult Formulas Fatal to Gorgoroth
3/5/2000 P Schwarz Arch Enemy London's Bridges Are Burning
3/5/2000 M Noll Satyricon / Behemoth / Hecate Enthroned Untied Bronze Chains
1/15/2000 P Azevedo Marduk / Angelcorpse / Enthroned Night of the Living Corpses
1/15/2000 M Noll Cannibal Corpse / Marduk / Angelcorpse / Aeternus / Defleshed Two Corpses, One God and No Flesh
12/9/1999 D Rocher Megadeth / Iron Maiden Armageddon With La Vierge de Fer
12/9/1999 G Filicetti Mortiis / Christian Death / Godhead / Diet of Worms The Black Metal Opera Arriveth
10/12/1999 A McKay Milwaukee MetalFest Taming the Beast of Milwaukee
8/12/1999 A Gaudrault /
A Bromley
Milwaukee MetalFest XIII Assorted Assertions
8/12/1999 A Wasylyk Cradle of Filth / Usurper / Endless / Averse Sefira Averse Conditions Inhibit the Endless Usurp of Filth
8/12/1999 A Ristic Iron Maiden Bruce Is Back
8/12/1999 A Wasylyk Emperor / Witchery / Borknagar / Peccatum / Divine Empire Canada: No Church-Burners Allowed
8/12/1999 A Wasylyk His Hero Is Gone Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?
8/12/1999 D Rocher Six Feet Under / Mayhem / Vader / Enslaved / Cryptopsy / Nile / Thyrfing / Darkseid Facing the Breton Storm Season
8/12/1999 J Webb Rammstein / Soulfly Let Your Soul Fly Away
8/12/1999 A Wasylyk Milwaukee MetalFest XIII Milwaukee, Here I Come Again
8/12/1999 P Schwarz Milwaukee MetalFest XIII Paul Peruses Wisconsin's Finest
8/12/1999 M Noll Six Feet Under / Vader / Enslaved / Cryptopsy / Nile / Thyrfing Pig's Feet and All Things Yummy
8/12/1999 A Wasylyk Rammstein / Soulfly / Skunk Anansie Take Your Stein, and Ramm It
8/12/1999 J Weathers Emperor / Witchery / Borknagar / Peccatum / Divine Empire U.S. of A.: Church-Burners Are People Too
8/12/1999 J Webb Ozzfest White Trash Convention
6/15/1999 P Schwarz Dynamo Open Air Dynamonic Destruction
6/15/1999 P Azevedo Sculpture / Omnio Eternally Engraved
6/15/1999 A Wasylyk March Metal Meltdown Milwaukee, Eat Your Heart Out... Again
5/19/1999 M Noll Entombed / Skinlab / Kill II This Deutsche Disappointment
5/19/1999 A Wasylyk Fear Factory / System of a Down / Static X Nile's No Show, Not Nice
5/19/1999 P Azevedo Dimmu Borgir / Dark Funeral / Dodheimsgard / Evenfall The Darkest Night of the Year
3/14/1999 P Schwarz Deicide / Rotting Christ / Aeternus / Ancient Rites / Behemoth Dead by Dawn
3/14/1999 M Noll Bolt Thrower / Crowbar / Totenmond Zeus Himself Would've Been Proud
1/16/1999 A Cantwell Death / HammerFall Dying Under the Hammer
1/16/1999 M Noll Slayer / Sepultura / System of a Down Facing the Slayers, Down in the Grave
1/16/1999 P Azevedo Cradle of Filth / Napalm Death / Borknagar The Smell of Napalm in the Dark
10/1/1998 M Noll Einherjer / Old Man's Child / Gorgoroth / Cradle of Filth Doom Descends Upon Deutschland
10/1/1998 P Schwarz Death Across America / Gorguts / Oppressor / Cryptopsy / Days of Mourning / Endless Obscure and Violent Canadian Supremacy
9/1/1998 A Wasylyk Blood of Christ / Morbid Angel A Meeting of Deities
9/1/1998 B Meloon Bughouse / Lifebleed / Inertia / Lethargy CD Release Bonanza
9/1/1998 M Noll Soulfly / Cold Mad Max Lives
9/1/1998 A Bromley Monster Magnet Megalomaniacal Monsters
9/1/1998 A Wasylyk Withered Earth / Necronomicon / Deeds of Flesh / Dying Fetus / London Death Fest Milwaukee, Eat Your Heart Out
9/1/1998 P Azevedo Buried Alive / Lacrima / The Royal Blood / Imortalis Portuguese Radiation
9/1/1998 A Bromley Milwaukee MetalFest XII The Twelfth Hour Has Struck
9/1/1998 P Schwarz Brutal Truth / Kataklysm / Solus / The Swarm True Brutality Under Extreme Conditions
7/8/1998 A Bromley Slayer / Clutch / System of a Down Slayed, Once Again
6/7/1998 P Schwarz Immortal / Angelcorpse / Desecration London's Underworld Holocaust
6/7/1998 P Azevedo Morbid Angel / Vader / Entwined Morbid Mayhem
1/1/1998 P Azevedo Genocide / Withering Portuguese Potential Part III
1/1/1998 N Almeida Paradise Lost / Sundown / Uncle Meat The Lost Paradise?
11/17/1997 B Meloon Nothing Lasts Forever / Funnel / Deuterenema / Inner Shadows / The Urination / Bloodshed Big Red Deathfest II
11/17/1997 P Azevedo Obscenus / Vertebra / Nympha Portuguese Potential Part I
11/17/1997 P Azevedo Morbid Death / Nocturnal Symphony / In Velvet Clouds / 2 Kill Portuguese Potential Part II
10/16/1997 S Hoeltzel /
A Wasylyk /
A Gaudrault
Michigan International Death Metal Fest Metal in the Mitten
10/16/1997 P Schwarz Malevolent Creation / Vital Remains / Infernal Majesty / Vader Something Old, Something New, and All Things Death Metal
9/14/1997 S Hoeltzel Testament / Stuck Mojo / Strapping Young Lad Demonic Pigwalk
9/14/1997 S Hoeltzel Vital Remains / Incantation / Ember Vital Remains - Unplugged
8/12/1997 D Schinzel Deceased / Black Army Jacket / DeathKids Better Late Than Never
8/12/1997 G Filicetti /
S Hoeltzel
Milwaukee MetalFest XI Milwaukee's Metal Manifesto
8/12/1997 P Azevedo Scorpions / Megadeth / Moonspell / Cradle of Filth / Anger Porto's Own Metalfest?
7/14/1997 A Wasylyk Fleshless / Endless / The Wicked / Infernal Majesty An Endless Night of Wicked Misery
7/14/1997 A Wasylyk Fear Factory / Type O Negative / Drain / Powerman 5000 Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid
7/6/1997 P Azevedo Cradle of Filth / In Velvet Clouds / Web Filth
5/13/1997 A Wasylyk Obliveon / Blood of Christ / Solus Obliterating Obsolescence
4/9/1997 A Wasylyk Hemdale / Blood of Christ / Flesh Fest / Wicked Fuck the Fog
3/16/1997 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse / Brutal Truth / Immolation / Oppresor Cannabis Corpse and Friends
2/5/1997 Z Tsarfin Entombed Entombed's Not Egregious
2/5/1997 A Gaudrault Brutal Truth / Blood of Christ / Dirge Sounds From the Embassy
2/5/1997 P Schwarz Dark Tranquillity / Enslaved / Bewitched / Swordmaster / Demoniac / Dellamorte We Must Dominate, We Will Dominate
1/2/1997 A Bromley Fear Factory / Kilgore Smudge / Carped Tunnel A Fearful Freak-Fest
1/2/1997 A Wasylyk NYC Deathstock The Day of Death
1/2/1997 P Azevedo Heavenwood To Heaven and Back
11/18/1996 S Cannon Anal Cunt / Incantation An Evening of Intensity
11/18/1996 A Morrow Danzig / Speedball Danzig Does Detroit
11/18/1996 S Cannon Voivod / Crisis / Pro-Pain Vicious Violence Vented
10/11/1996 A Bromley Type O Negative / Life of Agony / Manhole A Night of Negativity
10/11/1996 B Meloon Lethargy / Forward Now / Time's Up Anything But Lethargic
10/11/1996 A Wasylyk Neurosis / Bloodlet / Tree Corroding Your Cranium
10/11/1996 J Smith Monster Voodoo Machine / Ink Disassembling the Machine
10/11/1996 A Gaudrault Cryptopsy / Blood of Christ High Quality Metal, Low Quality Fans
10/11/1996 A Gaudrault Ozzy Osbourne / Danzig / Sepultura / Neurotic Gypsies No More Tours, Again and Again...
8/12/1996 A Bromley Clutch / Orange 9mm / Fu Manchu Clutching Onto the Last Orange
8/12/1996 A Wasylyk Milwaukee MetalFest X Milwaukee's Metal Monster
8/12/1996 D Schinzel Slayer / Unsane Slayer Slaughters the Sacred Shoe
8/12/1996 A Wasylyk London Death Fest The London Let-Down
7/17/1996 A Gaudrault Obliveon / Mundane / Q.R.N. La Manie Reigne a Montreal
6/9/1996 A Gaudrault Suffocation / Fleshgrind / Obscene Crisis / Rotting Gasping For Air
6/9/1996 S Hoeltzel Gwar / The Meatmen / Brutal Juice Heavy Metal Novelty Night
6/9/1996 E Crvich Overkill / Life of Agony Overkilling the Masses
5/10/1996 V Singh Deicide / Fallen Christ / Immolation / Incantation The Wave of Death
5/10/1996 A Gaudrault Toronto Death Fest Unsigned Metallers Come Together
4/18/1996 N Bassett Morbid Angel / At the Gates / Dissection / Sadistic Intent Morbid Angel / At the Gates / Dissection / Sadistic Intent
3/14/1996 A Gaudrault Iron Maiden / Fear Factory A New Maiden in a New Era
3/14/1996 G Filicetti DHI / Mundane / Ichor Never a Mundane Moment
2/9/1996 A Gaudrault Motorhead / Belladonna / Speedball No Stopping the Locomotive
1/17/1996 A Gaudrault Voivod Voivod's Venom Unleashed
12/13/1995 A Bromley Anthrax / Life of Agony / Deftones Caught in a Mosh With 'Thrax
11/8/1995 A Gaudrault Ozzy Osbourne Let the Madness Begin Once Again
10/1/1995 G Filicetti Monster Voodoo Machine Experiences With the Monster Voodoo Machine
8/12/1995 A Gaudrault Morbid Angel / Grip Inc. Morbid Angel's Mayhem Unleashed!
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