Destruktor - _Brutal Desecration_
(Decius Productions, 2002)
by: James Montague (7 out of 10)
Few surprises to be had here -- this is pure Australian war metal by the boys from the rural town of Kangaroo Flat, Victoria. From the outset you receive a pummeling of drum blasts, relentless guitar riffs that combine the noisiness of black metal with the chord patterns of thrash, and deathlike vocal roars. It's like all the extreme metal genres got together and jumped in the blender. It's unattractive, unfashionable and certainly not melodic. But for some demented souls, myself included, this stuff surely rocks.

Side A of the 7" disc is total blastbeat devastation, whereas on side B the band adds a few moments of respite with thrashy power chords. They also brought in the excellent Chris Volcano from Abominator as a session drummer, and these factors, in combination with the dedicated old-school packaging (free logo sticker, etc.), makes this 7" a good low-budget treat. A fifty-minute LP in this style may become wearisome (just see Volcano's primary band for compelling evidence), but for a quick 12-minute Armageddon ritual, you can't go wrong with Destruktor.


(article published 28/4/2003)

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