Satanic Warmaster - _Black Katharsis_
(Northern Heritage, 2002)
by: Matthias Noll (8 out of 10)
Satanic Warmaster's debut, the ripping _Strength and Honour_, is one of the most devastating, mercilessly aggressive black metal releases I've been introduced to in recent months. My expectations that Satanic Tyrant Werewolf and Lord War Torech would continue in exactly the same direction on this three-track EP weren't quite on target, however. _Black Katharsis_ is exclusively kept in a slow to mid-paced approach, and all compositions focus heavily on depressing and much more atmospheric and epic melodies than previous material. This time the recording is a bit more balanced and easier to digest than _SaH_, but remains raw and perfectly appropriate for the material on _BK_. I still fail to see a logical connection to the style on their debut or demo -- this EP could have been the work of a totally different band -- but on its own, _BK_ is an excellent slab of mesmerizing, melancholic and depressive black metal. I'm quite anxious to see which path Satanic Warmaster will be pursuing on their second full-length album _Opferblut_, which will be out in April 2003 on Germany's No Colours Records. Fortunately Northern Heritage have just re-released _Strength and Honour_ in an unlimited CD version, and I'd like to take the opportunity and urge everyone who's into underground black metal to check this album out.


(article published 16/4/2003)

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