Entombed - _Sons of Satan, Praise the Lord_
(Music For Nations, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (not rated)
Well, this is not the new Entombed album we've all been waiting for (the new album will be available in a few more months) but it's a good way of keeping us all satisfied for a while. _Sons of Satan, Praise the Lord_ is a complete collection of every single coversong they have recorded during their entire career. Songs range from metal and hardcore covers (SOD, Kiss, Misfits, Repulsion, Alice Cooper, Venom, Black Sabbath) to slightly less expected covers (Dwarves, Husker Du, King Crimson, Unsane) to completely unusual songs showing off Entombed's capabilities to handle different styles with ease (Lee Hazelwood, Twisted Sister, Bob Dylan). It's very obvious that all the songs are recorded during different periods in their career as the production on the later songs is far better than on the early covers, and you can hear a progression in music qualities as well. It's a bit of a shame that the songs are randomly put on the two CDs instead of taking a chronological order, because with the differences in quality playing all the songs in order doesn't sound very natural. _Sons of Satan, Praise the Lord_ is an excellent way to get your hands on all the rare covers that have been released on EPs, seven-inches and bonus editions. It saves us fans a lot of time and effort, and hearing Entombed do a cover of "Amazing Grace" is always worth the money!

Contact: http://www.entombed.org

(article published 11/4/2003)

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