Macabre Minstrels - _Morbid Campfire Songs_
(Independent, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (not rated)
Even though this album was only sold during Macabre's shows, it seems that some stores have been able to get their hands on a bunch of copies too. The reason for doing a reviewing this is -- well, read on. Those of you who don't know the Macabre Minstrels: this is a project by the Macabre members doing acoustic sets, playing old nursery rhymes, but adding some of the trademark Macabre lyrics to twist them around. On this mini-album you'll find "Tom Dooley", "The Geins", "In the Mountains (Alferd Pecker)", "The Cat Came Back" and "Found a Peanut". The first three songs are rhymes about serial killers ("In the Mountains", for instance, has the refrain of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow") while the latter two are about a cat who can't be killed and a guy who eats a peanut, dies, and proves he hasn't learned a thing from the whole experience. Even though this all sounds quite cheesy and cheap, the mini-album is actually quite good. I've enjoyed listening to it on several occasions, and most people who hear it absolutely enjoy it! If you can get your hands on this little gem, play it often -- you'll soon find everybody in the room humming and singing along.


(article published 16/4/2003)

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