Anthrax - _We've Come for You All_
(Nuclear Blast, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (9 out of 10)
It's quite a shock to realize that even though five long years have passed since the last Anthrax album, it could just as easily have been ten. That's not to say that neither _Stomp 442_ nor _Volume 8: The Threat Is Real_ were any good, but they never managed to top the _Sound of White Noise_ album, which is considered one of the best Anthrax albums ever and definitely the best Bush-era one.

However, instead of slowly fading into obscurity, Anthrax has vigorously worked on their tenth album (not counting _Attack of the Killer B's_) which is also being released exactly ten years after their _SoWN_ masterpiece. _We've Come for You All_ is a no-holds-barred monstertruck ride, easily capable of satisfying both younger and older fans with its fine-tuned compromise between thrash metal, melodic rock and a fine dose of groove. "Refuse to Be Denied", "Safe Home" and "Think About an End" have the same hit potential that "Only" had, while the threesome "What Doesn't Die" / "Nobody Knows Anything" / "We've Come for You All" belong to the list of Anthrax's most powerful songs, featuring excellent drumming and riffing. Charlie Benante claims a prominent role throughout the album and seems to be less afraid of showing his skills as a drummer, while newcomer Rob Caglione proves to be a fine addition to the band, with Anthrax now having room for twin guitar parts.

Experimental songs can also be found on _WCfYA_: "Black Dahlia" comes as close to death metal as Anthrax will ever get. "Cadillac Rock Box" is a very laid-back Californian-style rock song, and those who manage to get their hands on the digipak edition of this album can also listen to the acoustic version of "Safe Home" and a Ramones cover.

Anthrax seems to be back on track, that's for sure. Without making artistic or commercial compromises, they manage to sound natural and honest and still cater to the needs of both older and newer fans. Provided this album receives proper promotion, Anthrax will once more be a force to be reckoned with.


(article published 11/4/2003)

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