Novembers Doom - _To Welcome the Fade_
(Dark Symphonies, 2002)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
By consolidating their sound and tightening their focus, Novembers Doom have created an album which is the culmination of their career so far. Having witnessed from afar the evolution and tribulations of this band over the years, I am thoroughly pleased with their achievement. _To Welcome the Fade_ comes presented in very suitable Travis Smith artwork (some of his best to date), and boasts the production talents of Grammy award winner Neil Kernon as well as top notch digital equipment. The album does sound very good, but it is the consistent quality Novembers Doom manage to deliver throughout that makes all the difference. A stronger effort all around than its promising predecessor _The Knowing_, _To Welcome the Fade_ shows an experienced band that is on top of their style and no longer seems to feel the need to 'expand' their sound. True enough, "The Spirit Seed" sports quite a bit of an Opeth influence that couldn't be found before, but all in all the album does have a very consistent character. The band's doom/death can break hearts and crush bones with similar ease on _To Welcome the Fade_. There are some remarkable gems to be found within the CD, most notably the superb "Within My Flesh" -- one of the best doom metal tracks of recent years -- which follows the more than suitable start provided by "Not the Strong" and "Broken". This is a thoroughly competent and inspired album from Novembers Doom, and a must for any doom metal fan.


(article published 21/3/2003)

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