Sólstafir - _Black Death_
(Ketzer Records / Neodawn Productions, 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
I don't believe that I've ever heard a CD from an Icelandic act before -- unless one wants to count the decidedly less-than-metal Bjork -- and the only other Icelandic band I'm aware of is Potentiam, but if Sólstafir are an accurate indicator of the state of Icelandic metal, then what few bands there are must be worth hearing. Sólstafir started out as a black metal orientated act, but have altered their style considerably since their early days, incorporating a number of influences into their sound, ranging from rock to modern hardcore; yet they are still undeniably a metal band. They screeching vocals and abrasive guitars are balanced out by melodic sections while the varied tempo ensures it never gets boring. The lyrics to "13:13", as well as their appropriation of the vodka brand for their album title and cover suggest that one shouldn't take this band too seriously. It's a pity though that there are only three songs -- hopefully Sólstafir are working on a full-length. Co-released on the now defunct Neodawn Productions, copies should hopefully still be available from Ketzer Records. Get them while you can.

Contact: http://www.ketzer-records.com

(article published 11/4/2003)

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