Dark Fortress - _Profane Genocidal Creations_
(Red Stream, 2003)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
This offering is an epic release, for certain. The ten tracks clock in at nearly seventy minutes total. My disbelief feed on itself to the point where I simply needed to hear this kind of effort to -know- that interesting, appealing black metal was still being churned out somewhere in the world. That said, in what seems to be a fertile ground for this genre, Germany as served up hard-hitting outfits like Nagelfar, Homicide, and Bethlehem. Dark Fortress is a welcome addition to this horde. _Profane Genocidal Creations_ displays itself as wildly complicated -- nearly beyond compare despite the abused and stereotypical more-evil-than-thou imagery. Without spoiling your surprise too much, DF exploits clean, harsh and ever-so-lightly used female vocal styles, strained n' raw guitars, acoustic passages and highly catchy arrangements. There is a special point to loosely draw the comparison between Dark Fortress and bands like Dissection, Satyricon, and At the Gates. In this reviewer's opinion Dark Fortress has the capability to boil your blood in a more independent way than these comparisons may lead you to believe. As a point of interest, Ares from Aeternus makes an appearance on the second to last cut, "Battle Rages in the Infernal Depth". If you are looking for illumination, look elsewhere 'cause Dark Fortress's black density is utterly smothering. It's encouraging to have such an album so early in 2003!

Contact: http://www.redstream.org

(article published 11/4/2003)

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