Bile - _Demonic Electronic_
(Bile Style, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (8 out of 10)
I had given up hope on Bile after their horrible _Sex Reflex_ album, which didn't even get a proper release outside the States. Going from the excellent _Teknowhore_ to _Sex Reflex_ was like trading in your gothy vamp girlfriend for the fat chick working at Burger King -- very ugly indeed. With bandmember Krtzoff's solo album _The Nightmare Before Krtzoff_ (advice: don't buy this load of crap) hitting my desk a couple of days earlier, I had to admit my hopes were even lower than low. So what a surprise when I popped in _Demonic Electronic_. Even though it's not the equal of _Teknowhore_, this album is a big 'fuck you' to people who complain that electronics and metal are not supposed to be mixed. Heavier than Ministry, crueler than Static-X and with far better songwriting skills than The Berzerker, Bile maim and destroy with electro-deathmetal songs "Legion" and "The Devil's Bile". They slap the wrist of commercial pop with "Celebrity", "Clones" and "Jerk", and with highlights like "Prime Time Loser" and "Demons", Bile is back at what they do best: make crazy shit. The extras (Atkins mix of "Jerk", KMFDM demo of "Teknowhore") are nice, but _Demonic Electronic_ is harsh enough to convince without them.


(article published 5/4/2003)

10/11/1996 A Bromley 2 Bile - Teknowhore
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