Tomahawk - _Tomahawk_
(Ipecac, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (8.5 out of 10)
Musical centipede Mike Patton has worked on quite a lot of bands and albums lately, some more impressive than others, but never letting down. Four-piece Tomahawk revolves around Patton, using his trademark vocals as the driving strength of the songs while exploring new musical terrority. The album opens very, very strong with "Flashback" and especially "101 North", giving Patton the opportunity of showcasing plenty of different vocal styles without forcing too much. His recent performance with The Dillinger Escape Plan in mind, "101 North" is not even that big a step away. Though much more laid back, Tomahawk also favours addictive riffing over pure technical musicianship. Especially "God Hates a Coward", my favourite song of the album, is honestly straightforward: once you've heard it, there's no way of getting it out of your head. People looking for a more aggressive side are also served, on "POP 1" and "Sir Yes Sir". However, the Foetus-ish "Jockstrap" more or less serves as the turning point of the album, as it is followed by songs that are much weaker and less impressive. "Malocchio" misses a good vibe and "Honeymoon" sounds a lot like other songs on the album. Closer "Narcosis" might be humorous, but nonetheless sub par. _Tomahawk_ is a very entertaining album that has certain songs you won't be able to forget, but on the whole it is a bit disappointing. Let's hope for a follow-up soon.

(article published 5/4/2003)

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