Impious - _Terror Succeeds_
(Black Sun Records, 2000)
by: Alex Cantwell (6 out of 10)
This is the latest installment of what some are beginning to call "turbo metal". Impious' history dates back seven years now, but aside from demos and compilation appearances, this is but their second release. Through this time the band has survived several line-up changes as well as members switching instruments. Their current sound is one that is deeply rooted in death and thrash, and is plenty aggressive with catchy hooks and creative instrumental interplay. Obviously, since they are from Sweden, it is easy to sit back and point out parts that sound like this or that Swedish band, but no one could blame them for drawing upon such rich history, and they don't sound like any one band in particular at all. The lyrics are the thing that bum me out about this release, because they are the same mindless drivel about terror and pain that you would really never want to go through in real life that have been corrupting the death metal scene for 15+ years. Some people could care less about lyrics, but I like a complete package, and this band has come up short.

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