Brighter Death Now - _Obsessis_
(Cold Meat Industry, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
There has never really been a band as weird or as bizarre as Brighter Death Now. Read on and you'll know what I mean. Once you get past the cum-shot splattered girl adorning the cover, Hell awaits. In a frenzied outburst of some of the sickest displays of noise and electronic mayhem I have heard in some time, BDN pours it on thick. With songs like "Intercourse", "You Got Sperm on Your Jacket" and a truly fucked up rendition of the Rolling Stones' classic "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" (aptly titled here as "I Can't Get No Sadisfaction"), BDN are once again in top form. The music? Powerful. The message? Disturbing. Fans of the band will no doubt enjoy what BDN has to offer. For the rest of you who have no idea who these guys are, this will no doubt have your jaw hitting the ground and either a) you'll run screaming or b) you'll want to hear it over and over. _Obsessis_ is addictive.

(article published 13/3/2001)

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