Septik - _Inception of Decay_
(Winterthorn, 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Initially released during death metal's heyday, _IoD_ is a digitally remastered re-release of Septik's 1992 demo. Presumably this was re-released in order to stimulate interest in Septik, who have reformed and are currently working on their second CD. As far as early '90s American death metal goes, this is not too shabby. However, the gap between its initial release and its re-release -- which is hardly an inconsiderable length of time -- have had an impact on this album. What may have been relatively original in 1992 now seems quite tired. A case in point is the inclusion of a neo-classical instrumental midway through the album. Now of course every second band with blackened pretensions utilizes keyboards and synths but the use of keyboards in extreme music was comparatively rare in 1992. Plus, there has also been a rash of death metal bands in the intervening ten years which has also lessened the impact that this album could have had. While the music is played slower then most of their contemporaries (then and now) it does not suffer for it. In addition, the digital remastering has resulted in an impressive sound for what is essentially a demo. (A definite plus is the fact that this American band was not produced by Scott Burns at Morrisound studios!) Nonetheless, this is an intriguing death metal release and even if it won't be on any 'best of' lists it is still worth at least a listen or two.


(article published 31/3/2003)

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