Cirith Gorgor - _Through Woods of Darkness and Evil_
(Ketzer Records / Regimental Records, 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
This is one for the so-called "true" black metallers: no ethereal female vocals, no Cradle of Filth-like "spooky" keyboard excursions and no non-traditional rock instruments. Just two simple, straightforward blasts of black metal. As can be expected of a 7" EP containing a mere two songs, this release is a bit on the short side. As befits the genre, the production is substandard, but not to such a degree as to render the album unlistenable; however it does result in the drums having a distinctively hollow and empty sound. Ironically, the songs themselves are overlong and could have done with some editing, which would possibly have resulted in tighter and punchier songs, as they lack the epic nature which could have justified the extra minutes. Despite these shortcomings, this is actually a good black metal release and well worth purchasing.


(article published 31/3/2003)

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