All in Vain - _The Backside of Humanity_
(Independent, 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
I nearly wrote off this band as yet another entrant in the increasingly overcrowded field of melodic death metal after hearing the first track, which is nothing more than a by-the-numbers example of this genre. The first track on any album is supposed to be one of the best tracks on that particular release; something to attract the first-time listeners attention and lure him into buying the album. The fact that the first track was dismally boring meant I did not hold out much hope for the rest of the album. But the second and subsequent tracks proved that first impressions can be wrong. Whilst I didn't experience a complete reversal of my opinion, the rest of the album is considerably more varied with regards to tempo and raised my opinion of this band by quite a few notches. The inclusion of various gothic metal moments also helps to produce a varied album. While _TBoH_ is unlikely to provide sleepless nights for In Flames or Dark Tranquility, All in Vain may yet develop into a potent force in the scene.


(article published 26/3/2003)

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