Thorium - _Unleashing the Demons_
(Diehard Music, 2002)
by: Adam Lineker (5.5 out of 10)
"Penetrate the foaming, bleeding cunt. Masturbate in the open, reeking asshole." Well done Thorium, that's great. Aside from lyrics of dubious moral content, this band shreds with more melodic leanings than at first anticipated. Opening with a decently atmospheric passage accompanied by military themed samples, Thorium immediately throw their trump cards on the table. Their song writing peaks when they bring in lead guitar over the top of grand, ominous riff progressions yet they seem to persist in obscuring the more striking moments on _Unleashing the Demons_ with unimaginative passages of sub standard riffs. This makes Thorium somewhat unabsorbing and they are hardly aided by a base and uninspiring production. The bass is nowhere to be heard, the drums feel messy underneath a crunchy distortion employed by the guitar and the vocals seem intrusive, as they are mostly monotone and induce boredom. Yet Thorium prove that they can get it right with "Warlust", by far the most accomplished track on the album and strong enough to survive the band's penchant for tired and predictable structuring; even the vocals seem interesting. It is a shame that most of the tracks feel so average, recycling a multitude of thrashy riffs but nowhere near melodically explorative enough. Lacking progression, Thorium hew out a bunch of metal songs that seem to lack direction. It is a shame, because they have moments when they rise above the dirge they are creating; it has to be said that more lead guitar would certainly add more dimensions to the band's sound, and on their cover of Cancer's "Cancer Fucking Cancer" it is proven that at least someone in this band can solo. With _Unleashing the Demons_ one gets the feeling that Thorium's attitude is very negative. Aside from the petulance and idiocy splashed all over the album sleeve, they seem neglectful of their potential; though they come up with some emotive moments that show the faintest flickers of invention, it is debatable whether or not they realise or even care.


(article published 16/3/2003)

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