Codeseven - _The Rescue_
(Caroline Distribution, 2002)
by: Adam Lineker (7.5 out of 10)
For a band whose music featured on a WWE (it'll never replace WWF, will it?) broadcasting, Codeseven are surprisingly mellowed out. There is a certain honesty about the music offered on _The Rescue_ that doesn't really fit well with their emo-pop tag. While there are moments that paint the lightest shades of what At the Drive-In were trying to do, Codeseven leave a greater impression of individuality. Musically, _The Rescue_ flows naturally and without a hitch; only what is expected when taking into consideration that three brothers form the core of this band. There is an evident sense of harmonic sensibility and invention, with the band throwing more than one curveball into the structuring and melodic progression. This is backed by an attractive production, with shining guitar and thick, enjoyable bass; interestingly the drums have that distinct 'percussion booth' feeling and sit oddly with the slick feeling of the mix at first, although later it becomes apparent that the sound complements the performance of this band: very sensitive to its own creativity and yet very human. The vocals vary in attitude, often taking a reflective commentary on the surrounding music, occasionally welling up and emotionally bursting forth. It is both absorbing and surreal, aural impressionism that reflects the care that has gone into its creation. This also proves to be Codeseven's only real failing. As with many bands that adopt a surreal element in their composition, it can prove too vague in translation. Although it gives props to the emo movement, it is often unclear what emotion the listener is meant to be tapping into. Often the keyboardist blends entirely with the guitar line, losing clarity in presence; couple this with a vocalist who is more than occasionally incomprehensible, and Codeseven's message is well and truly lost in the fog of their own music. Unfortunately this also detracts from their impact. Though they may be absorbing and pleasurable, it is difficult to specify any memorable moments in _The Rescue_; the title track is the only piece approaching a stand out work. However, credit where credit's due: although this style of music may not be of my own personal taste, Codeseven offered me an emotive and relaxing listening experience, though enthusiasts of this style may be somewhat disappointed by the length of _The Rescue_, falling short of the standard for a full album.


(article published 26/3/2003)

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