Teratism - _Ex Infernus_
(Root of All Evil, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (4 out of 10)
Violently subdued and muted, this four track offering from the darkest reaches of North America (Minnesota, apparently) is the consummate definition of "raw". Cuts one and two come from Teratism's self-titled demo, whereas track three is lifted from the _Invocatum Furae Diabolis_ EP. The final song on _Ex Infernus_ is a live version of the fist track, "Resurrection Denied". While "Hate", number two on the CD count, is the best of the offerings here, it is also the most discordant and strident. It, for whatever reason, harbors a reoccurring raucous and unmusical "chop" that is wholly unnecessary. The guitar solo, on the other hand, is passionate and befitting to this type of depravity. If under-produced, toothless black metal abandonment is gnawing at you to own, Teratism is just the band to gum you to death. Personally, I prefer more bite for my buck.

(article published 5/4/2003)

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