Somnus - _Through Creation's End_
(Root Of All Evil, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (4.5 out of 10)
Most notable here is the drastic slip from the review found in CoC #49. The gossamer female vocals are a huge drawback on this album as I found them to weight down this effort's direct aim and somewhat slumbering style. Where this band uses such a feminine style, it should be diaphanous and haunting all throughout _Through Creation's End_, but it is not. Instead it is employed much like a crippled person would a crutch: in place of inspired, airy proportionality and balance, Somnus ends up passing this effort off as sub-par musicianship. Where both the male guttural and female vocals are employed, the message comes across perfectly. In this regard, it is clear and well acclimated, but where the gruff vocal style "lays in wait", behind everything but the instrumentality, the effectiveness on this sophomore effort breaks down completely. Indifferently, Somnus chooses to enshroud themselves in profane heathenism of popular paganism. I care little for this, but the heavily cryptic themes pervade tracks such as "Dawn of Spirits" and "Warlock's Feast" and rarely surface much more than a snout about the waterline for a desperate gasp of air. Boiled down to the bone, this effort finds itself complete with all the enraptured harmony to make this release -at least- as good as _Awakening the Crown_, but instead lacks the interesting arrangements and most of the appeal found on Somnus' debut. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, as they say; what I would say is Caveat Emptor!

(article published 26/3/2003)

5/13/2003 A Magers 8.5 Somnus - Through Creation's End
10/25/2000 A McKay 7 Somnus - Awakening the Crown
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