Rotten Sound - _Murderworks_
(Deathvomit / Necropolis, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (6 out of 10)
It sure feels better to be on the road to valuing Rotten Sound's material rather than sliding further back from the already dismal 4 out of 10 I gave _Still Psycho_ in CoC #49. Even the name of this new disc is more sensible while still retaining a childish element that most of us expect from metal -- it keeps us young. Fourteen tracks of single-word titles rip unforgivingly and in a way such that enjoyment can be easily gained from every cut to some degree. Anger, violence and aggression are, of course, the staples on which _Murderworks_ fuels its insatiable appetite. While I have never held Black Dawn in any regard whatsoever, the members from this band, as well as ...And Oceans, seem to strike a nice inharmoniousness chord on which their combined efforts for this Finnish band are concerned. While a great deal of time on _Murderworks_ is spent overplaying their instruments for intensity's sake, "Obey" and "IQ" offer not exactly altogether rational interludes in the midst of the mayhem, but on the songs where this transpires, it works fairly well. In this writer's opinion, "Lobotomy" is the finest cut off of _Murderworks_. The song ties all the elements Rotten Sound is going for into a rope lashed together with tight strands of extreme power-hate without saturating the listener. This CD also came with three bonus video clips that my QuickTime player eventually opened. The band is in every way animated and the video footage is certainly worth a look. The last couple of tracks on _Murderworks_ are superior in most regards to the beginning five or six minus the song "IQ". Rotten Sound would do themselves well to cultivate the direction _Murderworks_ finishes the release with -- that would be a Rotten Sound album I'd like to hear!


(article published 21/3/2003)

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