Rage - _Unity_
(Steamhammer / SPV, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 10)
Some things are best left unheard. This outfit claims to enlist the abilities of three members from varying backgrounds to complete a band of fortified skill and musicianship. What I hear is the ol' predictable metal bringing conceptual images of a bad Saxon-era to mind. While I realize Rage has some longevity and roots that might make other upstart bands envious, there is little on _Unity_ to call fresh. As an ardent student of history, I am all for learning from those that have been there, but a time comes to either lead, follow or get out of the way. "Dies Irae" is Rage's most invigorated cut off of _Unity_, complete with a soulful, passionately played guitar solo. This five minute eight second chorus-infused track constitutes all of the three points given to Rage's newest offering.

(article published 31/3/2003)

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