Icon of Coil - _The Soul Is in the Software_
(Metropolis, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (5.5 out of 10)
A fantastically wild cross-section of influence found its way into the conscious of Icon of Coil's founder, Andy LaPlegua. Punk, industrial, metal, and even some trance all played a part in fusing their imprint on Norway's IoC pioneer and one man solo show. _The Soul Is in the Software_ is IoC's second offering -- CoC reviewed _Serenity Is the Devil_ in issue #51. Things, I regret to report, have slipped since that point. The lethargic industrial beats have become sub par and frankly less than satisfying. I find this turn of events to be disheartening in light of Mr. LaPlegua's admirable skill. The bright spot on _TSIitS_ is passionately expressed by the CD's second track, "Access and Amplify". While torrentially 'dance-beat' intensive, the song structure and lyrical interludes pump in an obsessive, head-bobbing way. Drop-beats, powerful breakthroughs, and passages of white water-like currents are just enough to edge this effort above the average mark; but compared to Icon of Coil's debut, this sophomore release is less than I would have expected from a band of this nature. With Metropolis putting out some very good artists like Front Line Assembly, KMFDM and Front 242, this Icon of Coil should take a backseat with _TSIitS_ in lieu of others on their label; that is, of course, you'd want to go back and check out _Serenity Is the Devil_ -- a fine debut, without question.

(article published 31/3/2003)

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